The MACROBLADE 100 | Gear Review

Rollerblades are a great traveling companion, getting you where you wish to go in a safer and faster manner. Everyone from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, thrill seekers and adventurists have come to enjoy the benefits of this form of portable transportation, which allows you to do more and see more of where you wish to go. If you’re looking to commute with style, try the MACROBLADE 100, the latest design from one of the first companies to start the sport of inline skating, Rollerblade.

The story goes as follows: In 1980, two hockey playing brothers discovered an old in-line skate while rummaging through an old goods store. They imagined how cool it would be to add their own flavor of design to the mix, making it more practical for the off-season. This wonderful “business in your basement” idea eventually turned into a company. Since there was no apparent market for inline skates, the brothers put in a ton of hustle and grind in order to carve out a place for a new sporting industry, making connections through the States inside of retail stores and eventually expanding globally with international distribution.

By the 90’s, inline skating became a massive hit and it wasn’t just athletes who wanted a pair. It became part of culture and reached more people from all ages. Rollerblade became the leader of the pack for the inline skating industry and developed new technologies firsts such as the Graduated Brake Design, Women’s Specific Skate, Push Button Adjustable Children’s Skate and Liner Temperature Regulation Material, to name a few.

I purchased my 2015’s MACROBLADE 100 and haven’t looked back. By taking my skates abroad to Europe, Ireland, London and France, I was able to navigate and discover locations that I’d revisit later more thoroughly – either that same day or week. Had I not had my rollerblades with me, I would not have known about these places. After all, there is something truly freeing about traveling in your skates, along a coastline, in a country you are experiencing for the first time. 

The blades come with a supportive macro structure, which is key to help you avoid ankle twists. When you place your foot inside the skate, the soft, yet durable padding almost makes it feel as if you are stepping on a cloud. The wheels are also the best in the biz with smooth ease and control. This is definitely a skate for serious skaters or beginners alike.

It certainly feels good knowing that a name brand like Rollerblade is still leading the way in both comfort, technology and experience. Pick up your own pair to enjoy the journey. Just be sure to get yourself a safety helmet for good measure.