Blowing Up Your Gear Is Fun | Gear Review

We have been getting closer to Marty McFly, having our very own water drying jacket experience similar to the 1980’s pop culture movie classic, Back to the Future. The concept has become somewhat of a reality in modern times, thanks to an innovative outdoor and apparel company called Klymit. Klymit is based in Ogden, Utah and is focused on enhancing the outdoor experience by using the most advanced inflatable technologies available.

The Klymit Ulaar Jacket Video can be viewed here.

The product line, which was originally funded in 2012 through a Kickstarter Campaign, has been growing ever since its initial debut – and for good reason. Klymit’s VWT (Variable Warmth Technology), which was designed to make everyday outdoor experiences more comfortable, ensures that every user is warm and cozy no matter what he or she is doing. By far the best feature of the jacket, however, is its NobleTek chambers, which inflate and allow the Ulaar to conform to your body snugly, thereby capturing your body heat and recirculating it throughout your core.

Features Include:

  • Windproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Weight reduction
  • Adjustable insulation
  • Conforms to Your Body
  • Keeps you warm when wet
  • Safe – the inflatable action is used only from gases nonflammable and non-toxic

This is a terrific jacket to wear that will give you the proper temperature adjustment you desire. Whether you are climbing, skiing, cycling, mountaineering, hunting or fishing, the Klymit Ulaar Jacket will cater to all your needs, and prevent you from having to spend huge amounts of money on additional layers of clothing – all thanks its versatile and  adjustable insulation.

As it turns out, using inflatable technology is also easy, fun and useful for a variety of weather conditions and physical activities. The additional care and comfort you experience while wearing the jacket will help you keep your mind on having a good time: no need to worry about sweating, wearing too many layers, or getting weighed down by pounds of clothing.  The benefits are far and wide and definitely worth the investment.