Bosavi Rechargeable Headlamp | Gear Review

Built by a back country rock climber for the most intense climbing challenges, the Bosavi Headlamp is a flexible and durable headlamp that is strong enough to use in the field, yet convenient enough for everyday use. Whether you are running, climbing or biking, the Bosavi Headlamp will come in handy in dim-light situations, and is capable of running for a total of 65 hours. Furthermore, it recharges by natural source light, even maintaining its power when not in use.

Learn more about the Bosavi Headlamp here.

Why Use Bosavi?

  • Fast Charging, including MICRO-USB to USB
  • Durable, versatile, small sized and light weight
  • Packaging converts to a lantern, ideal for camping
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Built through open source software and DIY manufacturing
  • Water Resistant

The cost is $70 USD, but considering how versatile and useful this headlamp can be, it is definitely worth picking up and having with you while you travel.

Additional Field Information:
When using the Bosavi Headlamp, one is struck by the intuitiveness of the product. It takes about an hour to fully charge its 700 mAH Lithium Battery, and you are immediately alerted by a flashing white light when its ready for use. Despite its size, the Cree 110 Lumen LED headlight is super powerful, yet not overbearing by any means.

Perhaps, the only con is that it is slightly pricier than other lamp manufacturers. There is also no easy way to do battery changes, but the Bosavi Headlamp is a contender and well suited to do more, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.