Break Out Of Your Cocoon | Gear Review

The future of incredible tent imagineering is here!  Tent designs appear to be coming a long way since the traditional styled tents most of us grew up using.  It is time to say hello and make room for some new tent concepts that are sure to wow you and give the most magical experience camping.  This is accomplished with the Cocoon Tree – spherical structured tent that you can rig up to trees by rope and secure by nets.

When you first see the Cocoon Tree, it brings you back to when you were a child, building your own with your friends.  Whether out in your yard, living room or basement, the wonder of creating your own private world was special, where only you and whomever was chosen to enter it, were part of your Alice in Wonderland type experience.

The Cocoon Tent brings us back to that place of enchantment and fun, an experience one should have with friends or family when going camping.  It adds to the mystique of being out in the woods late at night, sharing stories and gazing up at the stars.  In other ways you blend in with your environment and find new ways to connect with nature, which makes part of the journey all the more enriching as you experience it.

You will start seeing the Cocoon Tree tent popping up at Hotels, Bungalow Resorts, Base Camps, Summer Camps, National Parks, Private Owners and get this, EVEN RESTAURANTS are getting in on the action.

The price, which starts at $8,000 USD, may keep it more of a dream than a realistic experience starting at 8,000 USD.  A bit much for your regular camper.