Performance Enhancing Goggles By Zeal Optics | Gear Review

Ready to push the limits?

Zeal Optics certainly seems to be doing just that, creating premium goggles that will enhance your performance while streaming down the mountain. Technology is opening up new realities in vision: high-tech lenses, for example, is a trend that will accelerate as more people become familiar with wearable technology. Eventually, tech wear will become the norm and the Z3 GPS Live Goggle is no exception. Getting involved in outdoor activities has always been about enjoyment, adventure and pushing the limits.

The Z3 GPS Live Goggle is the world’s most technical goggle, handcrafted in Japan and paired with the most progressive lens in the business of goggle optics. The Polarized Automatic lens brings to market the most superior optic clarity ever created for goggles.

Z3 GPS Live Features:

  • Anti-Fog Infused Lens ProcessClapway
  • Impact Resistant Frame Technology
  • High Density Lens Technology
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Dual Strap Adjustments
  • Optimum™ Lens
  • Polarized Automatic Lens

For additional information, you can view this fun animated video, WATCH

  • Venting – Increases airflow through the goggle and ensures that moisture and fog don’t become an issue.
  • UV Protection – Helps to combat harmful rays of the light spectrum with e-llume’s enhanced filters which are designed to protect against these harmful rays-including all UVA/B/C light.
  • Solid Stitch – Heavy duty threading that will guarantee you always have a tough, durable goggle.
  • Polarization – Relaxing your eyes and providing less glare off objects around you.
  • No Slip – A double beading layer of silicon coats each strap to ensure that beanie or helmet, your goggle won’t shift or move unnecessarily.
  • Mirrors – Glare reduction and various choices to select your own personal style.
  • Frame Construction – Building with the highest quality elements available, giving you a frame with increased protection and fit for a better experience.
  • Dual Straps – Adjustability are key components of the Dual Strap system and allows you to find the perfect placement for your ideal goggle position.
  • Antifog – Anti-Fog molecules are permanently infused into the lens material so your Zeal goggles last longer against the elements.

Be sure to visit the Zeal Optics website and see all the additional products they have to offer for your outdoor activity.