Red Bull Double Pipe 2015 | Event Review

Red Bull put out their Double Pipe event last year for the “first time ever” in Aspen, Colorado, which consisted of two competition-spec half pipes, constructed side by side at Buttermilk Mountain. The good news is that this approaching March, on the 11th-13th, they are bringing back an updated version of the course. The concept is to bring together slope style and pipe style into one dominant action course, giving riders the ultimate riding adventure.  This years Double Pipe is expected to provide additional rails, better transition angles so riders can transfer more efficiently when generating tricks.

Chris Gunnarson, President of Snow Park Technologies received a ton of useful feedback from riders in terms of design improvements, which means that this year Red Bull and Snow Park Technologies are bringing even more exciting features to the event.

Check out Red Bull’s Course Animation PreviewWATCH

Here’s How The Course Breaks Down:

According to Red Bull, their is an upper zone that will have a traditional styled gap and a second step-up jump to help riders ease into the double pipe without going too fast. Then riders can decide if they want to drop down to the right for the Superpipe, go air for the center hip or ride through the channel in the center spine in order to increase speed to hit the Superpipe. About halfway down the center spine, it will notch down from 22-feet tall to about 17-feet tall, making for a stronger transition, which most riders mentioned needed improvement.  The final showdown will be a massive selection of choices riders can make with their artistry and creativity.

Last year, riders were skeptical about the concept of a double pipe and were surprised by the fact that the idea was brought to life for the first time in such a seamless way.  As mentioned, there was an assortment of feedback from riders to builders and this year, the overall experience should be more sophisticated and thrilling, based on the coming together for Red Bull’s Double Pipe 2015 event.

Be sure to check out the lifestream on RedBull.TV