The Pebble Time’s Record Setting Crowd Funding Debut

Commencing its crowd-funding campaign just hours ago, the Pebble Time Smartwatch has blown up the Internet – to say the least. With an initial goal of $500 thousand, this watch had grossly surpassed that number in under 20 minutes! They had easily collected $1 million in just over an hour. This could even be a new record by Kickstarter standards.

Watching their campaign website, we saw their impressive numbers jump from $3.4 million to a whopping $4 million in a matter of minutes. As we can see they are acquiring followers from left and right, and their campaign has already proved to be more than successful. So, on to the watch…

Pebble Time features a color e-paper display that is easy to read and constantly on. The display is perfect for all notifications you may receive, not to mention it is also saves energy compared to other displays like LCD or OLED. Power consumption is minimized allowing for an outstanding battery life of up to 7 consecutive days of constant use.

Additional features of the Pebble Time are its new and improved microphone (used to record voice replies and notes), as well as its water resistant case that allows you to swim or run in the rain with the watch. Oh, and don’t forget that the watch is compatible with both IOS (8.0 and later) and Android (4.0 and later). This makes the use of the watch all the more convenient. Check emails and calendar events with the touch of a button.

“You already plan your day around time, so it makes sense for your Pebble to be organized around the same principle.” – Pebble Technology

The unique timeline layout of the Pebble Time is its three side buttons. The top button is for past (missed emails, step count, or even the score from last night’s game), the middle button is for the present (current time and calendar events going on), and lastly the bottom button is for the future (upcoming calendar events, alarms and other information).

The smartwatch’s casing is a durable PVD stainless steel and at 20% thinner than the original Pebble model. Pebble Time is now just 9.5 mm thick. The updated, curved design fits comfortably on any wrist – it’s both “stylish and durable.”

Pebble Time is available in black and red, with a black stainless steel bezel, as well as white, with a silver stainless steel bezel. Pebble Time is also easily customizable. The standard strap is a soft silicone band, but can effortlessly be changed with any other 22 mm watchstrap you prefer.

The watch retails at $199, but there are early-bird special available on their funding page.

Here’s a fun fact – in the time it took to write this, Pebble Time’s funds have climbed from $4 million, to over $4.4 million. Since today’s the very first day of their campaign, they still have 31 days to go. This is more than enough time for more people to go and support their product!