Beam: The Versatile Smart Projector

Ever want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie, but your laptop screen just won’t cut it? A recent online trend has gotten our attention and we think it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s life. Meet Beam, the portable smart projector that can fit any light socket!

Found on Kickstarter, Beam has gained quite a following. Their initial funding goal on the website was set at $200,000. They are already a few days into their month long campaign, and have raised more than double that – a current total of approximately $494,000! We see it has become popular amongst websites like Wired, TechCrunch, and PC World, and felt the need to see what all the hype was about.

This distinctive projector can turn virtually any flat surface into a big screen. From movie nights with your friends and family, to simply watching Netflix solo, Beam is able to cater to anyone’s needs.

Aside from the obvious projector abilities, Beam can be used for much more than you could imagine. “With Beam you can watch TV on your bedroom ceiling, play games using your phone or a Bluetooth controller, project recipes on your kitchen counter, stream content from your network drive, listen to music through its speakers, play projected board-games on your dining table.”

Beam isn’t just for recreational use, but is also perfect for businesses. Use it to effortlessly give a presentation or even turn walls of a restaurant into digital paintings. Beam was created to be an all-round useful tool.

Within Beam’s sleek casing, there is a LED Pico projector (854 x 480), with a brightness potential of 100 Lumen, as well as 20,000 projection hours. In addition, creators built a 1.3 GHZ dual core processor with 8GB storage into its core. If that wasn’t unique enough for you, Beam features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, too. Connecting your phone or tablet is a breeze. Just download the Apple or Android app, set up your device and screw into a nearby light socket – or use the included power cable to set it on a flat surface. You are able to view a larger screen anytime, anywhere.

Perfect for travel and on-the-go entertainment, Beam will instantly bring you quality of a conventional projector, with the portability and ease of an everyday mobile device.

This smart projector is estimated to enter production sometime this September. To show your support and swing early bird special pricing, visit their page!