National Grape Harvest Festival – Argentina | Event Review

The National Grape Harvest Festival of Argentina has been held in the Mendoza province for many years at the province of the Cuyo region.  Recently Mendoza’s Harvest Festival ranked number two in National Geographic’s Top 10 World’s Harvest Festivals.

The Cuyo region is responsible for up to %70 of the country’s wine production with country favorites such as Malbec and Chardonnay.  Familiarize yourself with wine, superstition, food and customs. Some of the country’s most popular and favorite wines can be enjoyed.  There are 18 departments in the Mendoza Province and each one prepares its own grape harvest festivities between the months of December and January all leading up to choosing their Queen.  The main center piece of the festival takes place in Mendoza City during the first week of March.  One of these regional candidates will be crowned the new national Queen of the Grape Harvest in an election ceremony that takes place during the Central Act in the Frank Romero Greek Theater.

A Look Back in Time:

How did the National Grape Harvest Festival of Argentina get to where it is today?

Since 1936, the event has grown in popularity but its origins in fact stem much further back, as far back as the 17th century.  In 1936, Frank Romero Day, an engineer and also the minister of Industry and Public works during that period, signed a decree that had the vision of making the grape event into a national one.  The idea was to bring about a gathering and celebration amongst the field workers, wine vineyard owners and the world of wine lovers.

Festival Breakdown:

This event starts with a creative spectacle of dance, lights and music in a huge showcase.   Once the candidates from all the departments have been chosen, the Central Festivities begin:

The Blessing of the Fruits

Date: the last Sunday in February

During this religious ceremony the Gods are thanked for the fruits that have been harvested. It is presided by the Archbishop of Mendoza together with the image of the “Patron of the Vineyards”, the Virgin of the Carrodilla.

The Via Blanca de las Reinas

The Via Blanca de las Reinas is a grand parade that takes place in the main streets and avenues of the city of Mendoza, with over 200,000 thousand people watching in the streets.

Date: the first Friday of March

The Carrusel de Vendimia
The Carrusel de Vendimia is a parade is to show the present generation the passage of time in the province and its progress.

Date:  the first Saturday in March

The Central Act

All this leads up to the Central Act of the festival, ultimately finishing off at the Greek Theatre, with a 20 minute fireworks display in-sync with the beat of music.

Date:  the first Saturday in March

Quite an event of celebration and one you should put down on your calendar as places to go and visit!