Ready to Get Dirty? | Event Review

The Boryeong Mud Festival is definitely giving the La Tomatina a run for its money when it comes to getting into the thick of a festival event.  Centered around the mud flats of Daecheon Beach, this festival promises to get you dirty while laughing.

How did the Mud Splashing Get Started?

It’s all about mud cosmetics.  A South Korea cosmetics company developed a line of beauty products which featured mud from the Boryeong mud flats as a main ingredient.  The mud is high in Germanium and Bentonite which provide significant benefits to the human body. The festival provides potential customers with the benefits of this special mud firsthand. You can experience the mud fun with mud slides, a mud prison, mud pools and mud skiing.   Mud, mud, mud.  The quality of the cosmetics have been proven by prominent research institutions, including: Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology.

Boryeong mud cosmetics have been sharing their most updated mud treatment since 1998.  Since then, sharing mud samples with the locals has been picked up as a tourist attraction, turning the white sands of South Korea into quite a beach extravaganza.  Hundreds of thousands of people swarm the South Korean beaches during the month of July and it keeps getting bigger every year.  Keeping up with the demand, additional aspects of the festival have become part of the event such as mud massaging at the beach, mud wrestling and the mud king contest.

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Here is a List of Some of the Attractions: 

  • Mud Flat Extremes – a marine corps military drill experience.
  • Kid’s Mudland – an area where the children to roll around in some mud.
  • Mud Experience Museum – a place for mud massages, mud bath and mud sauna.
  • Mud Soap – is a feature where you can actually make your own soap out of mud.
  • Prison of Mud – a surprise event for tourists who have not gotten muddy.
  • Colored Mud Zone – where you can mix different natural mud colors.
  • Mud Flat Obstacle Marathon – a 10km track that includes obstacles on natural mudflats.
  • Fireworks, Musical Shows, Contest and Sports.

Spoil yourself in some mud in order to care less and laugh more!  Let go and have a new experience you are most likely not really going to find anywhere else as good as this particular mud fest.