7 Reasons to Travel to Oregon | Event Review

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Most have us have heard of the Seven Wonders of the World but there is a second set of Seven Glorious Wonders, in Oregon.  In this article, we review the Seven Wonders in Oregon.

As a Quickstart, here’s an eye opening video to give you an idea just how beautiful Oregon is:  7 Wonders of Oregon

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oregon:

  1. Mt. Hood – Mt. Hood’s maintains a constant snowy peak, with eleven glaciers above one thousand feet above sea level.  A fantastic haven for those that love to ski, boasting a total of six ski areas you don’t want to miss.  Timberline Lodge is a historic WPA project that was built between 1936 and 1938 and provides year round skiing.  Plenty of gorgeous mountain views from within the lodge to take full advantage, while sipping on some wine and relaxing in the warm comforts of hospitality.
  2. The Coast – There is 363 miles to explore along the fantastic coast line that is Oregon.  The land is open and free to the public which means you can get involved in many activities at your own leisure within reason.  You can explore as much of the land you desire and take part in building forts, hiking through forests and reaching the top of cliffs.
  3. Painted Hills – Walk over to the Painted Hills in the afternoon to see some of the most beautiful historical imagery.  Bright yellows and golds, blacks and reds revealing millions of years of history about the Earth.  There is no question as to why this is a stand out stop during your stay in Oregon.
  4. Crater Lake – Crater Lake is the deepest lake in America and one of the deepest on Earth.  With an extraordinary blue that is sure to magnetize you, you will get lost in its calm and relax when gazing upon the lake.  People visit the site often for hiking during the summer and ski trips during the winter.  You will find Crater Lake located in Southern Oregon.
  5. The Wallowas –  Wonderful location to bring your family.  Great for hiking, camping or riding horses along the alpine summit by way of the gondola that rises 3,700 feet from Wallowa Lake Village to the peak of Mr. Howard.  There are art galleries, plenty of shopping and a mini golf course to enjoy.
  6. Columbia River George – US Congress recognized the importance of River George and designated it a National Scenic Area, the largest in America.  A 40-mile stretch where you can find pinot noir and chardonnay in the hills.  A beautiful place to see the view of Rowena Crest.
  7. Smith Rock – A great place for rock climbing and serves as the birthplace for American sport climbing.  There are literally thousands of available routes to choose from for your climb.  People from around the globe come through each year. Different styled climbing terrain for various skill climber levels.

As you can see, Oregon is the perfect place for outdoor adventure, family time and calm.  Go and see for yourself why the 7 Wonders of Oregon is a must see travel experience.