GoPro’s Partnership with Marriott | Gear Review

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We’ve written about the GoPro Hero Camera before as one of the top and most widely used adventure cameras available in the industry today.   Keeping abreast with the latest product development and adding to the conversation in regards to how GoPro has been slowly expanding its market from not only extreme sports fanatics and professional athletes but also moving in to more of a lifestyle brand for travelers.

An interesting deal has been made between GoPro and Marriott in order to do just that, expand their brand.  It’s a good deal for both GoPro and Marriott as both companies are leveraging one another’s strengths in order to expand their audience market share.

It doesn’t come as such a surprise considering that Marriott’s marketing department has been developing new marketing ideas to get their travelers to share more of the photos and videos within their community. For example, take a look at GONE, which was launched last year and demonstrates Marriott’s new marketing efforts to build up its travel vertical.  Now Marriott is taking steps with the beloved GoPro to continue strengthening it’s brand.  This is all an attempt to bring more meaning to travel and to increase community engagement through photo & video participation.

When major companies combine forces it only means one thing, a better time for consumers.  Be on the look out for perks if you are a GoPro user and travel at one of Marriott’s International destinations.

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Obviously still considered the best adventure camera money can buy for the coolest point of view action.

Tons of really awesome videos you can watch to see some of the creativity and usage capabilities of the GoPro Camera.  GoPro Video Channel

Here is a list of some of the activities bundles that Go Pro covers:

  • Auto
  • Aviation
  • Bike
  • Kayak
  • Hunt & Fish
  • Skate Bundle
  • Rock Climbing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sky Diving
  • Wake Boarding
  • Music
  • Radio
  • Kayak
  • Surfing

So much imaginable!  One wonders where the company will continue to go, what new features they will bring to market and in what ways they will expand their audience.  Filmmakers have taken a good stab at using the Camera.  More indie films are popping up and interesting video experiments are taking place like never before.  Anything can happen!