Shaolin Kungfu Monk Troupe | Event Review

The Shaolin Monastery is the most famous temple in China, renowned for their Buddhist kungfu Monks, who display fascinating feats of strength, flexibility, and pain-endurance.  When you watch the Shaolin monks engage in event battle, you are struck with an intense blast of the energy they emit.  The velocity in which they run in attack mode before striking or jumping is something to behold.  Their physical skill and mental discipline is evident and inspirational to watch.

Here is a must watch video clip of the event:  The Shaolin Kungfu Monk Troupe.

Arena Manawatu, 61 Pascal St, Palmerston North

Friday 6 March 2015 6:30pm – 8:30pm

They are, some say, the inspiration behind George Lucas’ creation of the Jedi Knights from the movie Star Wars.

Brief History Shaolin Temple:

Legend says that c. 480 A.D. a wandering Buddhist teacher came to China called Buddhabhadra, also known as Batuo or Fotuo in Chinese, who taught that Buddhism could best be transmitted from master to student, rather than through the study of Buddhist texts.

Throughout the centuries, Shaolin Monks went through many trials and tribulations to keep their temple and legacy alive.  They survived the Tang, Son, Liao and Ming Dynasties as well as Communism and were brought to shambles on many accounts but were never fully extinguished, despite those that have tried to stamp them out completely.

During the 1980’s with the power of cinema, their was a resurgence that ignited throughout China as the legend of the Buddhist Monks and the Shaolin Temple peaked the interest of movie fans.  This helped to greatly spread and enhance the image of Buddhist Monks and earned worldwide acceptance into their teachings and philosophies.

The Shaolin Kungfu Monk Troupe is an event that delivers more than just entertainment  You can’t ignore the integrity, passion and commitment displayed throughout the inner core of the Shaolin Monks.  Truly a special opportunity for you to experience one of the most significant cultural performance in the world.

You should definitely check out the Shaolin Kungfu Monk Troupe whether you travel to them or wait until they travel near you.  You will walk away with a realization of what humanity is capable of achieving.