Video Selfies with SOLOSHOT2 | Gear Review

Wouldn’t it be great to record yourself doing skateboard tricks, bike stunts or riding impressive waves? With SoloShot technology you can.  If a friend bails out on you and you have no one to record yourself in action, no worries. There’s a new first of its kind product out there called, SOLOSHOT2, the robot cameraman, or to put it simply:

  • SOLOSHOT2 is a system that allows you to automatically film outdoor activities from a distance without a camera operator.

You can have automatic panning and tilting up to 2,00 feet away without a camera operator.  There’s a new multi-mode capture action, that provides multiple angles. The base can be mounted to any standard tripod, accepting any camera that can be tripod mounted. It is built with a water proof and shock proof tag, and a four hour battery life to withstand the harshest conditions.  There are remote control commands for automatic zoom and the 2 pound base has a battery life of 5 hours, which can pan up to 80 degrees per second.

Check out the robot cameraman in action:  SOLOSHOT Robot Cameraman Video

Go Visit the SOLOSHOT Video Channel for even more video content to see the robot cameraman in action.

 photo 10386280_685980708154072_3982591715492640932_n_zpse8endpfk.jpg

The Robot Cameraman has the ability to follow you based on its communication with the tag that you wear. The equipment was first imagined by CEO/Founder Chris Boyle.  Chris and a small team of adventurous friends began to carve out their own niche for a camera sports product with the belief of capturing exciting video footage, while having a fun time doing it.  The team manufactured the product on their own independently and without alot of money.  Chris explains that this led him to being more creative and limited the amount of mistakes made before launching the product to market.

Here is Chris Boyle talking a little bit about his inspiration and his belief in SOLOSHOT:  Chris Boyle SOLOSHOT Founder Video

It’s also interesting to note that Chris mentions the democracy of filmmaking in his own words and I’d like to add that it will be nice to see in what new fashion indie filmmakers can use SOLOSHOT for intricate action shots for a narrative.

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