Podo Stick Anywhere Camera | Gear Review

The Podo is the world’s first stick and shoot camera that sticks to virtually any service, making an instant photo-booth. There is an 8 megapixel image sensor and images store on a 4 gigabyte card.  Battery life has about two hours of video and it connects to your phone over bluetooth.  The design of the camera has been built with physical “grip” features that help make it possible to stick to surfaces.  You can cleanse the grip surface at anytime without damaging it or having to worry about replacing it.  You can stick it on wood, metal, concrete, glass and more.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.48.00 AM_zpspxaxkw88.png
You can set your app to a timer and once the photo is taken, the image automatically uploads to your phone, giving you easy access to your social media accounts for instant photo upload.  The idea is to have fun and spontaneity; in the moment photography without having to worry about mounts.

The interactivity works great when you are with your friends because it cuts out the middle man by not having to ask someone to take a photo for you or passing your phone around and having you or one of your friends short changed by not being in the photo.  Now, everyone can be part of the photo in a spontaneous way.  Get as creative as you want!

Check out this video and see how the concept and usage come together:  Podo Promotional Video

They currently have a Kickstarter Campaign goal of $50,000, which they have just reached.  You can become a backer and place your order now for $79.00 before the normal retail price of $99.00 comes to market.  This is a great re-stickable app controlled camera that’s not trying to compete with higher end cameras.  Their niche seems to be all about living in the moment and having a tool that can capture that moment in an instant, in a quicker and easier real time way.

The Podo is easy to travel with; just keep it in your pocket or small zipper compartment in your backpack or carry bag. This can be used for a multitude of adventures if you are a great outdoors kind of person because it will keep your travel load light and give you the versatility to capture images you otherwise may not have been able to capture beforehand. It’s also quite durable, built to last and comes in two colors, red or blue.