Travel Bluesmart for Spring Break | Gear Review

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Spring break is just around the corner, so why not travel in smart?

We’ve all been there!  Rushing to get on your flight and you have to weigh your luggage, only to discover that your luggage is too heavy…yikes!  What if there were inter-connected products that could take this kind of pressure off your back?  What if you had a suitcase that was capable of weighing itself?  This would save you time, wouldn’t it? Imagine you could even control your luggage from your smart phone app…like locking and unlocking it for instance or track its location, or get notified if you are leaving it behind and perhaps, best of all, learn more about your own personal traveling habits.  Hmmm, sound too sci-fi?

If you haven’t heard about them yet, BlueSmart is a company founded in 2013 that is designed to empower travelers by making traveling smarter and easier by combining physical products and software applications.  This company consists of a team of designers, travelers and technologists who specialize in inventing solutions that will make your travel experience less painful.

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There has just been an announcement that Telefonica Partnered with Bluesmart to bring connectivity and location tracking to Bluesmart Connected carry-on luggage.  Additional features such as the Telefonica powered sim card, which runs through Telefonica Network, will be able to track the location of your smart suitcase anywhere in the world where Telefonica has coverage.   Over 120 countries and using Tesla technology, this partnership represents most of the connected world.

A real friendly and humorous video here:  World’s First Smart Connected Suitcase VIDEO


Bluesmart was started by a group of friends from South America, Asia and the USA, all of whom shared a passion for traveling, technology, and design. From there own terrible travel experiences, decided to throw some innovation into the luggage travel system.  They originally started an IndieGoGo Campaign and successfully raised the funds needed to get their vision going.  Having a total of 8,500 backers, in 109 countries and raising a total of 1.9M in crowd-funding, Bluesmart has not slowed down since.  There latest partnership with Telefonica shows that the company is focused on expanding their market and getting more people using their revolutionary products.