Wearable Technology Show | Event Review

The Wearable Technology Show will be taking place on March 10-11th in Excel, London and will feature performance sports tech wear for adventurers.

When it comes to sports, athletes are always trying to push their limits.  Today’s technology is helping climbers, surfers, snowboarders, long distance hikers and others achieve greater results and increase awareness of their physical state with real time data reads.

The Wearable Technology Show is just the place to visit for information regarding the latest trends, products and concepts for the tech wear industry.  There will be over 200 speakers and 100 innovative wearable companies on the trade floor this year in attendance.

Here is a the schedule breakdown for Performance Sports Tech Wear.

We’ve composed a list of some of the exhibitors you may be interested in knowing about for your adventure gear.

  • Activinsights Ltd
    Activinsights works directly with healthcare professionals, helping to educate patients to help improve their overall health.
  • Atlas
    A data analytics company and developer of the most scientifically advanced fitness monitor designed to improve indoor and outdoor training.
  • Bainisha
    Patented technology platform for on-body movement detection.
  • Beast Technologies
    Beast Technologies is an innovative company that brought high-end aerospace engineering sensor technology to the sport and fitness world.
  • Clothing+
    Clothing+ is a developer and manufacturer of comfortable wearable sensor solutions for leading brands in the sports and medical segments.
  • Decathlon
    DECATHLON brings together two different activities: creating international sports products, brands and creating local and on-line retail.
  • Firstbeat
    Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness, performance and wellbeing.
  • Mio
    Mio FUSE combines activity tracking with in-workout heart rate monitoring to give you a complete assessment of daily exertion, recovery, and goal progress.
  • Shimmer
    Shimmer provides advanced development of wearable sensing systems. Based on award winning clinical grade sensor technology, Shimmer bring ideas from concept to launch, delivering sensing innovations that matter.
  • SPT
    SPT has designed and built a GPS solution to provide professional analytics to sub-elite and amateur sporting organization.

With so much going on in the tech wear space, it’s exciting to see what new developments will be announced at this years conference.  If you are in London or are someone who can’t get enough of the growing tech wear industry, than this is the #1 event to attend.  Mix it up with developers and designers and find out about the most recent updates available in person.