Is Nixie One Step Further Than GoPro? | Gear Review

A drone that doubles as a wrist band.  Nixie is targeted towards rock climbers and is the first wearable that is a wrist band but can also fly off your wrist as a drone camera.  While hovering over you it captures video and will follow you until you are ready to place it back on your wrist.  If you are a rock climber for instance and want to have your climb recorded with incredible aerial views without the noise of a helicopter, Nixie will do the trick.  Once video is captured, you will be able to instantly share the video.

Nixie was part of an Intel competition and was the winner of a $500,000 check from Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest to move forward with the concept and create the device. Nixie has created a wearable, flyable camera that sits on your wrist and takes off when you need that special selfie.

Have a look at the Introduction Video on Nixie

Watch this video by co-founders Christoph Kohstall and Jelena Jovanovic:  Nixie Flying Wristband

This is like a boomerang that comes back to you whenever you want it to.  Nixie finds its way using motion-prediction algorithms and sensors and also has 360-degree panorama and follow modes.  The camera shoots with clear imagery and in 1080p video. Anything further will be speculation at this point until the actual product gets released.  It sounds great and an possibly add additional concepts to video action cameras.  GoPro is a leader in that space but perhaps the Nixie will encourage GoPro to look into additional areas of expanding their own technology if the Nixie niche proves to be a volatile market.

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About the Founders

Christoph Kohstall, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford with a Ph.D. in experimental physics, developed the idea for a wearable drone with his friend Jelena Jovanovic, a technical programmer at Google.  In addition they also have additional engineers and filmmakers onboard.

Nixie has been released yet but is expected to come to market SOON.  For updates and additional information you can visit their website.

You can find more videos/press releases and information on the team by visiting their website.