Discover Ancient Rome’s Colosseum at Night | Event Review

If Rome weren’t already romantic enough, you can now see one of the most historic landmarks in Italy at night; The Colosseum.

The Colosseum is widely considered the most famous landmark in Rome.  Built in the 1st century AD, the fantastic arena could see up to 45,000 people.  This was the arena where gladiator’s would combat wild beasts and during the middle ages became a place of martyrdom and though of as sacred ground.

The Colosseum has recently came up with a new option for tourists to visit the historic landmark.  At night. Beginning in April, you and a small group of 25 people will be able to roam the Colosseum grounds.  The Colosseum Night Tour visits the Roman Colosseum after the crowds have gone home, venturing into the underground level and arena floor – areas usually closed to the public.  This is something new to experience amongst the other locations and events taking place throughout Rome.

What To See At the Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum’s exterior was made entirely of travertine.  It is about four stories high and the arches of the second and third stories were originally where statues were placed.  There were a total of 80 entrances and two principal entrances made specifically for the emperor.

The Roman Colosseum’s interior is made of brick, tufa and marble.  The central area, the arena, was covered with a great wooden floor and canvas to make it waterproof. Over this was a layer of sand to absorb blood – in fact “arena” derives from the Latin word for sand.

The seating was divided into three tiers: the lowest for knights; the middle for wealthy citizens; and the top for the general population.  At the base of the Colossus is the statue of Nero, after which the amphi-theatre is named.

Each year the Pope leads a torchlit “Way of the Cross” procession to the Colosseum on Good Friday, keeping the sacred grounds sacred.

Overall, the Colosseum is just one place to visit in Rome, a gorgeous city in a beautiful country.  Seeing the Colosseum in the daytime is great but at night will make more room to explore, with less people crowding up the place and more romance to fill the air under soft filled lighting.