6 Must Have Travel Phone Apps

Like most travelers, you want to have as much information as possible that will serve you well to wherever it is you plan to travel.  There is nothing worse than having visited a country and realizing you’ve missed out on something amazing because you had no idea about it beforehand.  Sadly, you board your plane because you don’t have enough time to explore any further.  Had you known about that particular place, you would have surely visited it.

In order to help you avoid boarding a plane in a unfulfilled manner, we want you to leave you travel location in a great inner place.  We’ve put together 5 Travel Apps that will help you see more with less stress involved.  If there are any that you think we may have missed, (surely, there are many more) please let us know and we will look to possibly include it in the next article featuring apps.

Travel Apps for Your Phone:

  • TRAVEL LIST APP – helps you pack for your trip by making it easy to create a packing list, and by making sure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • GOOGLE MAPS – Google Maps is an amazing app that gives you a complete low down on what new places to explore.  You get 360-degree street views, public transit information and city tour guides.
  • GOOGLE TRANSLATE – As the name implies, if you are in a country where you do not speak the language, which is more than likely, Google Translate helps you.  All you have to do is type in whatever words you need to write and Google will automatically translate up to 58 languages for you.
  • MINT – Mint is great because it really does help you keep track of your finances and travel budget.  It is completely safe and secure and does not allow you to move funds between accounts which is the whole point because no one else can either.
  • ICE –  If something terrible happens, like some kind of accident, ICE is there for you.  You can have all your medical data instilled on the app incase medical professionals need to have access to your medical records.  You can add on your insurance and primary doctor as well.  Information such as this can save your life.
  • WHATSAPP MESSENGER – an amazing SMS text message system that allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Let us know what we’ve missed and what other great apps you use that are not listed here.

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