Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience

If you were able to go back in time, perhaps to 1969 and be one of the astronauts to go to the moon, would you do it?  Landing on the moon was one of the most significant advancements of the human race and there is an opportunity to revisit those moments in a virtual reality for the education of our kids.  The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience – Education VR can make the idea a real one.

This is another way for today’s technology to improve our species.  If we could give kids an inside look into a historical event, the experiences can prove to be a powerful and positive one.   Giving younger generations the ability to experience such events in humanity’s timeline is a profound way to educate and inspire their own personal belief system for achievement.  This project should be funded.

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Using NASA archive footage and audio Education VR creates a virtual world to get students fully engaged in the journey.  This improves their understanding of what actually took place back in 1969.  Once the project is fully funded, there are a series of narrated facts about the actual mission.

  • Archive footage and NASA audio of the real event
  • Launch & Flight to Lunar orbit
  • Command & Lunar Module docking
  • Lunar landing
  • Lunar surface operations
  • Lunar ascent and return
  • Splashdown

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This can very well be the beginning of the concept – with a variety of incredible events throughout human history, there can be many more virtual reality additions that can truly make education a greater experience.

The Apollo 11 experience is designed to be an accurate recreation of the events leading up to the first moon walk and includes features such as

  • Accurate digital models of the Saturn V, Command Module, Lunar Lander, Astronauts, Launch Tower.
  • The Original Real Time audio from NASA Control, the Command Module, and Lunar Lander.
  • Interviews from the Astronauts themselves
  • Guided tour or Interactive experience based on your preference

“No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come” –President John F. Kennedy

This education equipment that Education VR wishes to provide to us is a step towards helping our children and in turn, helping our species for future generations to come.

Enjoy a Demo using the Oculus Rift Gear