Boston Breaks Historic Snowfall Records With 108.6 Inches

Boston, home of the Boston Red Socks and the Pats, great seafood, and famously delicious beans (hence the name Beantown) will now have another thing to brag about. The city, known for its frigid winters, has recently broken a record for the most snowfall in its history.

According to the National Weather Service, the snow reached a height of 108.6 inches, officially setting the record for the 2014-2015 year at 19:00 (23:00 GMT) Sunday, after the last 2.9 inches of snow hit the ground. Boston, being a very historic American city, has kept records dating back to 1872, and has never witnessed so much snowfall in that duration of time. Although the number does not break the national record, the snow did put daily activities on hold for the city and created problems for many commuters; school was canceled, businesses were temporarily shut down, and public transit was interrupted.

Despite the weather, however, Boston has still managed to host some of their annual events, such as its annual St. Patricks Day parade, as well as its celebration of the Super Bowl championship win for the New England Patriots earlier in the winter.

Although the 2014-2015 snowfall record was the most ever recorded in the city’s history, some other years were also very notable. The last record was set in the 1995-1996 calendar year with 107.6 inches, followed by the previous record of 96.3 inches in 1993-1994, and then 89.2 inches in 1947-1948.

Of the occasion, Mayor Marty Walsh, stated. “Super Bowls, World Series’, Stanley Cups, and snowfall records. We are truly a title city.” 

While at the moment, Bostonians may be reveling in the title and ringing its snow-bells, their celebration may be cut short in light of potentially even more snow. Historic weather trends suggest that Mother Nature has much more in store for the city – especially in the months of March and even April, when snowfall traditionally happens in Boston.