New Wahoo Fitness Tracker Tickr X

Exercise while traveling is something that many people do, but sometimes it can be hard to track your progress if you are exercising on the go. Enter the Wahoo Tickr X, a fitness tracker that attaches to the chest and has its own memory.

Chest straps have not always been the favorite of exercisers such as runners or sports enthusiasts, as they have been considered uncomfortable or burdensome in the past. However, the advantages of a chest-strap fitness tracker are immense when compared to other models such as those worn on the wrist. What makes this device different is the built-in memory, so you don’t have to have your smartphone hooked up. The Tickr X records all of your activity and you can sync it to your phone later.

A chest-strap based fitness tracker works better for more accurate recording and tracking the heartbeat while exercising, and are also much cheaper than other kinds of monitors. This can be a boon for people who exercise while on the road because every penny counts when someone is making plans for a trip. The Wahoo Tickr X sells for about $99 or £70, while a fitness monitor that is worn on the wrist usually goes for about twice that amount.

The Tickr X is a pretty simple looking piece of gear, the strap and the monitor unit attach with poppers to the strap. It uses a watch-sized battery and is made of solid plastic meant to last for at least a year. It can easily be strapped around the user’s chest and when used with the accompanying app, it tracks the wearer’s movements.

It fits easily into a suitcase, so this makes it popular with travelers who want to keep up their exercise regime on the go. The Ticker X monitors exercise workouts like running or biking, as well as spin classes or exercise bikes and records the wearer’s vitals.

It can store up to 16 hours of workouts so the exerciser can compare previous sessions and it syncs up with the wearer’s watch via the accompanying Wahoo app. When the device monitors the wearer’s activities, it logs the heart rate, steps taken per minute, distance, time and pace via a smartphone, and if on a bike, it records the rpm’s of the bike wheels. If the person is exercising outside, the Tickr X can give them a breakdown of the wearer’s rate and route.

Plus, a separate app that comes with the Tickr X is the 7 Minute Workout, which monitors things like sit-up, push-up, jumping jacks and other repetitions. It can also help the exerciser train by monitoring and keeping them in a desired heart rate zone that can be set by the wearer.

The app that goes with the Tickr X monitor has four options, these include sensor, history, settings and workout. The sensor setting pairs the chest strap to the device, while the history option keeps track of previous workouts, the settings option controls the device settings, and the workout option starts an exercise session.

The Wahoo Tickr X is a great fitness tracker, especially for exercisers on the go or on a trip since it works easily and can be monitored on their smartphone. It is great for those looking for more accuracy from a chest worn fitness tracker.