The Only Rain Coat You’ll Need

Living in the great state of Arizona, I have never owned a rain coat in my life. The only actual coat I needed is the peacoat I use for work. So, when a recent trip to Ireland came up, I had to purchase a raincoat with no idea where to start. After a few hours of research, I finally settled on a Cabela’s brand jacket made with Gore-Tex, a water-repellant, windproof material. The jacket is amazing! Granted, I don’t have any previous raincoats to compare this to, but it did everything I needed it to and more.

They say in Ireland you get all four seasons in one day and they were absolutely right. In the span of an hour, I got caught in rain, hail, sleet, mist, and galeforce winds and this jacket kept me totally dry and I didn’t even feel the wind. An added bonus is that it also kept me warm, which is surprising since the jacket wasn’t lined with fleece or any other material, nor was it insulated.

One feature I absolutely love is the draw cord along the bottom of the jacket, which keeps it secured below my hips when it gets windy. The cell phone pocket kept my phone dry in a mountainside downpour and the small bill on the front of the hood kept the rain off my face. However, I didn’t realized that the inside of the pockets aren’t waterproof. So, when I had my hands in my pockets, the area around there got a bit wet. However, when they’re zipped up, the seals come together and they don’t let any rain in. The jacket is machine washable and can even be put in the dryer. Check the tag for specific care instructions. Of all the features of this jacket, the best is how small it can fold down to. It even comes with a little bag to keep it in.

Have a look at their jackets on their website – you may even find some really great deals.