A Wearable That Promises To Keep You Safe

Revolar is a new wearable device that wants to keep you safe and secure wherever you go. The small wearable device (about the size of a quarter, with the thickness of a of a stacked four) syncs with your smartphone’s emergency contacts, and with the press of a button sends out a message with your exact location. It comes in a few colors, meaning it can clip onto or under most any clothing to be carried around discreetly.

A Wearable That Promises To Keep You Safe - Clapway

Jacqueline Ros, the CEO and Founder of Revolar came up with the idea for the product after her young sister had been attacked multiple times. She wished that her sister had had a “magic button” to call for help.

One of the qualities that immediately shows this to be an incredibly useful device is that you have complete control over who the emergency messages are sent to. This means that the device can make many different places and situations safer for anyone. College students can put in their campus police, travellers can always make sure to contact the closest people that could help them, even people that don’t need any official law enforcement such as kids getting picked on in school can put in their friends or parents.

The one drawback right now is that the device needs to be in contact with a smartphone to work. This lessens some of the benefits of the wearable device for people such as hikers who are aware of the dangers of losing or breaking their phone while far away from any civilization. The good news is that Revolar is also working on a version of the wearable device that wouldn’t need a cellphone to work.

Revolar’s Kickstarter just launched yesterday and they are offering a couple of interesting benefits for backers. They are offering heavily discounted devices for early adopters. The device is planned to retail at $99 but backers can get it for as little as $40. They are also offering a “give one get one” deal where you buy two, one for yourself and one that will be donated to a woman in a domestic violence shelter.

Revolar plans to release its product in April of 2016. Hopefully that will mean a safer world for all of us.