Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch

When it comes to the best fashion accessories that are both classic and modern, the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch is a timeless piece to take advantage of this spring. It is one of the best sports watches available as it is both versatile and practical. It also exudes a certain level of elegance and sophistication with all of its added features.

This amazing sports watch was on display at Baselworld. This is a show that takes place yearly in Switzerland, where all of the major watch and jewelry brands go to show their newest work. The Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch from Patek Philippe was one of the most popular watches there. The tipping point for many was its price point. At approximately $50,000, it is definitely not a watch that just anyone can afford.

Patek Philippe is known for its conservative and old world approach to its watches. The pieces that the company makes have an extensive amount of detail, and are crafted only with the finest materials. Their newest addition, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch, is definitely outside of what they regularly offer. With this new watch, they are perceived by many as attempting to infringe on other company’s territory, such as the vintage watch market.

The way that Patek Philippe was able to keep this new creation within their own brand so that people would be able to recognize it was to utilize their already popular time travel mechanics used in other watches and to place it in the more vintage pilot case. This allows for a great mix of contemporary and vintage styles, in which they coexist quite nicely.
When it comes to the aesthetics of the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch, there is nothing quite like a Patek Philippe. From the beautiful navy dial to the 18k-gold case that is being offered exclusively for this year, it is truly a gem among its competitors. It also features gorgeous hour and minute hands that are outlined in the same navy blue as the dial and then feature a pop of 18k gold on the interior.

When it comes to the history of the Patek Philippe brand, the company was founded in 1852 and is still based in Switzerland, with locations in Geneva, and Vallée de Joux. Patek Philippe also helped to pioneer many of the popular watch mechanics that are used today, such as the minute repeater, chronograph, and the split-seconds hand.
Patek Philippe also has a long history of providing the best watches to royalty and iconic figures such as Queen Victoria, Victor Emmanuel III, and Princess Louise of Denmark. There are also special editions that Patek has produced such as its Calibre 89, which was created for the company’s 150th anniversary. It was made with many special details, including showing the dates of different holidays, a star chart, and the times of sunrise and sunset. Patek Philippe has always been an amazing watch company, and with its Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch and so many amazing watches that Patek has produced, the business will be sure to see more success in the future.