Vie Bikes Are Considered New Family Minivan

Cargo bikes are vehicles that are gaining much more popularity around the world, especially for San Francisco families. This motorized bike is becoming like what the minivan used to be for transporting kids and parents around doing shopping, run errands, etc. The bikes, which are made by Vie, are becoming a great way for the families to travel around the city without having to use a car.

Cargo bikes are not a new kind of trend. In fact, in bike friendly places they are seen quite often. Now, families in San Francisco are being offered a chance to try out these cargo bikes thanks to the Vie Bikes undergoing a public launch of them into that area of California. Families can order the best bike for them and their kids, try it and then decide if they want to buy one or they could choose to rent it instead.

Then, best of all, they won’t have to travel to Vie to get their new cargo bike, because the company will actually deliver the bike right to their doorstep as part of this new program in the San Francisco only area. They will even take a trade-in from an old bike to help defray the cost of these motorized bikes.

They also will give the bike owners maintenance help in the future to go along with their new cargo bikes and do a consultation with the family to see which style of bike is best for their situation and teach them how to use it. Vie will also show the family some of the family-bike friendly routes in San Francisco to help make the new bike owners more comfortable in their choice of using the bikes around town.

Vie Bikes are the first business of this kind that is testing these kinds of cargo bikes for their customers in the United States. If the program in San Francisco is deemed successful, Vie plans to go completely public by April to offer their motorized bikes in other parts of the US.

Vie wants to help families find other ways to travel around than just putting their kids into a car seat and driving around town to do errands and other activities. Bikes are a great source of exercise and could even help to stem the tide with the problems of pollution and climate change, since they don’t operate with fossil fuels or gasoline, and are electric in nature.

They believe that the cargo bike market has lots of room to get bigger and that many families in other parts of the US are likely interested in helping out in bettering the environment and getting some exercise in the process by riding around on cargo bikes instead of using a car or truck.