Buddy Box Turns Family Van Into A Camper Van

Buddy Box is a great product that provides innovative and creative ways to expand your vehicle’s regular functionality beyond what you could ever think of. The designer of this ingenious idea, Gerhard Euchenhofer, explains that it is to help people get the most out of their vehicles and to be as flexible as possible when on the go.

When you are out camping, fishing, or doing any kind of activity that requires prolonged distance from any stores, gas stations, etc., it can be tricky and inconvenient to figure out the basics, such as what do you do about a restroom, washing your hands, or storing food that needs to be refrigerated in a very small amount of space. The Buddy Box is your answer!

Buddy Boxes come in different styles to be whatever you need them to be, from a mini fridge, to a toilet, to a bathroom sink with a mirror, it has endless options to make every adventure that you take more pleasant, and much more convenient. The product itself is considered to be a sort of camper-in-a-box system.

The advantage to using a Buddy Box instead of one of its competitors is its footprint. It maintains all of the functionality you need while fitting into a small amount of space. As most times, when you go on a long trip or camping, for example, the last thing you need to worry about is not having enough space for everything that you need. With such valuable real estate in the back of your van, it is a huge advantage that you can easily fit up to three of the Buddy Boxes side by side in your trunk. That means that you have your row of closed Buddy Boxes, all of your other necessities and supplies, and that you can stack things on top of the Buddy Boxes if need be to help maximize space. Once you arrive at your destination, simply unpack, place the Buddy Boxes wherever you like, and enjoy the convenience of modern amenities in even the most desolate locations. The boxes easily load up when you need them and come out just as easily when you don’t.

Buddy Box Turns Family Van Into A Camper Van - Clapway

With such a great concept, there is much competition in very similar products such as the Yatoo, and the SwissRoomBox. These provide similar services, but are much bulkier and more difficult to transport for this particular purpose. There is also a great variety of Buddy Boxes available. There are larger ones for your fridge, toilet, and other basic amenities, but there are also smaller, lightweight boxes that can open up to provide you with an outdoor barbeque, a storage unit, and even a food preparation space so you have somewhere to prepare your delicious meals.

For anyone that travels on a regular basis or anyone that enjoys the great outdoors, the Buddy Box is a must-have.

It makes every trip a more satisfying, modern, and accommodating adventure for all involved. You can now completely focus on enjoying the wonder of nature with no inconvenience.