Why You Should Travel With The TripIt App

When it comes to traveling internationally, being able to keep track of your important documents is crucial for the overall success of your trip. Knowing exactly where your passport, plane tickets and emergency phone numbers are can be the determining factor between making it to your flight on time or not, as many people end up turning around half way to the airport in order to retrieve these all-important items. The TripIt app makes this easier.

The TripIt App makes it extremely easy to make and have a digital copy of these travel documents available and within easy reach for your flight. This means no more searching through your bag wondering what happened to your papers while everyone behind you waits impatiently. It also means that you have less stress knowing that your documents are safe and sound. Now, this won’t replace the ultimate need to have your passport on hand to show the officials, but it does make it much more convenient to locate in a jiffy.

If you end up needing your passport or other documents at any other point in your trip, TripIt App makes sure they are readily available. For example, let’s say you are out with family enjoying the beautiful scenery in Brazil when you come across a policeman who wants to know if you legally have the right to be in the country. Having your passport on the TripIt App could very well save you the headaches of dealing with the law as your passport will be right there where they can easily see it and verify your identity.

Why You Should Travel With The TripIt App - Clapway

The TripIt App is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring that no matter what device you have you can use the TripIt App for all of your necessary forms and documents when travelling. The goal is to make travel as paperless as possible to lower the hassles that are involved, as well as keep your documents protected. The TripIt App helps ensure that no one else has access to this important private information besides yourself and anyone that you personally authorize through their PIN system.

The way that the TripIt App works is very easy and user-friendly. When you are planning your next trip, you simply create what is called a Traveler Profile which will then keep track of all of the data for a particular trip. You can easily scan and input your passport, driver’s license and any traveler’s visa that you may need, as well as airplane tickets and emergency contact information. It will also save any information that you input for future trips, such as emergency contacts so that you don’t have to type them in again for every trip.

The idea behind the TripIt App is to ultimately make your trip more about you, and less about the paperwork. It allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation instead of stressing over every piece of paper that you would have to carry with you everywhere you went otherwise. Having the TripIt App means having peace of mind, knowing that wherever you go so do your documents.