Apple’s New Trade-In To Include Non-Apple Phones

In a recent decision, technology powerhouse Apple is adding Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones for its Reuse and Recycling trade-in program, giving Apple Store gift cards in exchange for the old phones. The somewhat new program, launched in 2013, is an attempt to convert more users from competitors to iOS operated devices. Apple currently has done this with older iOS devices but now the company has opened its arms to devices from other manufacturers.

It is a bit unclear how Apple will determine trade-in value for phones from main competitor Android, or other devices, but it is speculated that the program will be based on other trade in sites like gazelle. The new program will be coming up in the next few weeks, after apple store employees will be extensively trained in how to transfer address books and contacts from rival devices, although other data will have to be replaced by the customer.

The trade-in program was recently expanded from the United States to Canada, Europe, and Australia. The program will certainly boost sales as is intended by Apple when it has already been hitting multiple record sales quarters for the iPhone. The new trade-in program, specifically targeting Android users is said to be going to be released in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus debut had the best Android user conversion rate of any iPhone launch in the past 3 years. Apple took a gigantic lead in global smartphone sales during the last fiscal quarter of 2014, with a record 89% of operating profits, dropping Android down to 11.3 percent.

While Apple’s trade-in program is known for reliability, it is typically not as competitive for some others in the cell phone trade-in business such as gazelle, Best Buy, or Amazon. Under Apple’s current program, a user can receive $175 for a fully functional iPhone 5s 64 gb. But on Amazon, an iPhone 5s 64 gb on Verizon carrier goes for a whopping sum of around $250.

Perhaps Apple will have to tweak its rates algorithm with partner BrightStar for its new trade-in program.