Lotus Belle Tent To Provide Ultimate Camping Luxury

When it comes to ultimate camping out, the traditional concept may not seem too comfortable or appealing. Australian company Lotus Belle plans to change all of that with its new release of the Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe. It has already made an original Lotus Belle tent and wants to expand its horizons.

The goal for these very high-end tents is to give people not only a more comfortable camping experience but also to give people a different perspective when enjoying the outdoors. There are many clients who actually live in the tent because they are out doing field research and it makes their work much easier.

When you think of a tent, you typically think of a somewhat small, cramped space where you can barely fit inside and go to sleep, much less have anything else in there with you. The Lotus Belle Deluxe is offering you the most spacious camping experience yet. It provides you with 16 feet of space to work with for all of your needs in the Lotus Belle tent. It can easily fit larger furniture such as a bed, dresser, and shelves should you so desire.

The biggest difference between the original Lotus Belle and the Deluxe edition is the back panel. In the original Lotus Belle design, there is only a mesh window on the back panel whereas in the Deluxe edition there is a full-sized door in the back. This can provide another easy way to get in and out of the tent as needed instead of being able to only go through on one side.

However, if you really need to have more space for furniture and other items, the original may be the best way to go for you.
The Lotus Belle tent is made of very durable, breathable material. It was designed with optimal comfort in mind and was made to be long term. The company uses thick canvas material in the creation of these tents. The reason is that the material is very durable, water-proof, and great at keeping you safe and warm even in total chaos on the outside.

Other features of the Lotus Belle include large roof vents, and a Velcro flap system that helps to keep the bugs out of your tent. It is slightly raised off the ground so that no creature can unsuspectingly surprise you in the middle of the night.

The concept of glamping, or luxury camping, is only one that has arisen over the past few years or so. It is, however, a quickly growing market and there are people who are looking to buy a Lotus Belle and they don’t even camp. The Lotus Belle is extremely versatile. It can be used for classes, a private getaway at home, or even as a type of stand for events such as a fair where you could be showing off and selling goods.

The amazing versatility and construction of the Lotus Belle tent gives clients everything they could ask for when camping. It also gives those who don’t camp a fun way to enjoy what they already love to do.