Bring Personality To Apple Watch With Casetify

With the deadline for the release of the Apple Watch fast approaching on April 24th, a trending company called “Casetify” has launched a premiere service, offering personally designed bands for the upcoming smartwatch.

The Apple Watch has been making headlines as fans of Apple and Apple adopters alike await the upcoming device. Arguably the most anticipated wearable tech device yet, fans will be coming in droves to Apple stores around the world on the April 24th release date.

The device is coming in 3 models, the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch, and the luxurious Apple Watch Edition, adorned in 18k gold. Priced starting at $349, the watch features such specs as being IPX7 waterproof, an S1 processor, Bluetooth 4.0 support, WI-FI, and 8GB storage.

Users will find the Apple Watch to be very functional, having its own line of apps, and ports of apps on the app store, but the device, like most wearable’s, will also have a large style element, being both a smart watch and somewhat, a piece of jewelry. Users who want more of a customizable style element to their Apple Watch can go to Casetify for all their personalization needs.

Casetify offers the world’s first customizable Apple Watch Band.

Founded in 2011, Casetify (formerly Casetagram) is the world’s first design platform to make custom cases for phones and tablets, and now, smartwatches. CEO Wes Ng believes that his company is doing something radically different. He believes their commitment to simplify personalization and to create beautifully designed products will be their trademark.

The process is simple: Shoot your picture, place it on Casetify’s website, and place your shipping order, and your personalized band is yours! Casetify will also carry an exclusive Launch Collection with 4 custom themes: Black Marble, Forever Love, Candy Feathers and Pass This On.

Bring Personality To Apple Watch With Casetify - Clapway

Casetify ships to over 120 countries. The service is used and loved by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Lionel Messi and Snoop Dogg. Certainly, the trending company shares the passion for design and style, like that of Apple. Casetify will provide customers to use their favorite Instagram, Facebook, and other “social photos” for their own customized bands. You can find Casetify on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.