New Updates For Travel Apps On The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the newest bit of technology released by the technology powerhouse company, Apple. In anticipation for its debut on April 24, Apple has recently released a few updates on the new smart watch.

There are already talks about a number of popular iOS apps having built-in cross-device capability with the Apple Watch, including Evermore, Dark Sky, Things, and Target.

Evernote, for example, has released a few new Apple Watch capabilities, like the ability for users to dictate notes into their watch, which are then transcribed into the cloud to be accessed by another device.

Dark Sky, the state of the art weather app, which predicts weather right down to the minute with beautiful weather visualizations, will have an Apple Watch port as well, miniaturizing the app to fit the smaller screen of the Apple Watch.

In addition to these are list of other apps, including Babbel, an award winning app that teaches users up to 14 different languages, Line, a free voice and video calling service with ability for group chats, Qantas Airways, At Bat, Expedia, Runtastic Six Pack, an app with the goal of guiding you into your chosen fitness level, the New York Times, and WeChat, a WhatsApp like messaging app that is getting to be hugely popular – everything for the tech savvy traveler on the go.

Citymapper, for example, allows users and travelers to know in real time important information about their chosen cities, like stalled buses and train schedules around a user’s location. The watch app also lets users know when to get off a train or bus route when the destination approaches.

Citymapper has already become established in cities like New York and Rome and supports international languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and English, with more cities and languages “coming soon.”

Transit’s Apple Watch port opts for less notifications, featuring easy to follow directions and a static “Take Me Home” button always on hand, or wrist rather.

Both Citymapper and Transit App will be available on day one of the Apple Watch’s April 24 launch.