Giant Solar Flares Explained

Thanks to research by NASA scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), it may now be possible to predict giant solar flares that travel through space, thus knocking out power grids or satellite navigation systems on Earth. NASA scientists have discovered that the sun has its own seasons when it waxes and wanes, thus causing various possibilities for giant solar storms or the lack of solar storms, which is thought to be during a two year seasonal span. It was already known that the sun has an 11-year solar cycle in which it had various times of solar flares and times of quietness with no sun flare activity.

All of these things are thought to be caused by various goings on in the hemispheres of the sun and its magnetic fields therein. The bands are powered by the sun’s interior rotation. According to the report, the ones that travel inside the sun’s north and south hemispheres are their strongest at about the 11-month mark, and then they start to weaken.

Knowing the way these magnetic bands work, as well as when they get stronger or weaker, is a great discovery, according to officials at NCAR, and could help greatly in predicting flare-ups and other space weather activity. The study is just one piece of a large project that discovered that the larger 11-year cycle of the sun is linked to two bands of opposite magnetic polarity that run parallel and overlap each other, and travel from opposite solar latitudes.

An Explanation For Giant Solar Flares - Clapwayx

All of this activity in the sun causes a major part of the Earth’s weather patterns, such as the severe winters over the past few years due to various ways the magnetic fields travel around inside the interior of the sun. When something such as one of the giant solar flares occur, it is usually the result of the sun’s corona being destabilized, which causes severe solar storms to occur, and is what causes nearly all of the giant solar flares that wreak havoc with not only the weather, but with radio, television, and other electronics.

The study found that the key to predicting these major solar storms are the magnetic bands’ properties. The way that the magnetic bands warp and change their size and direction, is part of what causes the sun spots and knowing this can help scientists to predict when a major sun flare-up will occur. If the study’s findings are correct, it should now be possible to determine a method of predicting when those super, monstrous giant solar flares might happen and travel out from the sun, thus helping people to get ready for the problems it can cause.

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