NASA Hosts Its 4th Space Hackathon

NASA is a world leader in not just space, but the collection of information. The question is: What do we do with all the data that we have acquired? NASA plans on tackling that issue itself with its International Space Apps Challenge, a two day space hackathon that asks people all over the globe to come up with new ideas for the space agency. The event will take place April 10th through the 12th.

Participants will take information provided by NASA and task themselves with how they can improve both space exploration and life here on Earth. They will code for mobile applications, hardware, and data sorting tools that can be used to build a better future. The official space hackathon will be held in New York City, but anyone who possesses an Internet connection is free to contribute. There is no set in stone idea that NASA is expecting and individuals or groups can come up with whatever original ideas they feel will improve the living conditions and knowledge of human beings.

NASA Hosts Its 4th Space Hackathon - ClapwayHackathons have become an increasingly potent tool to promote coding. They have massively increased in popularity over the past decade and show no signs of slowing down. NASA is hoping to capitalize on the huge amount of knowledge spread throughout the globe and will be working with IBM to ensure everything goes smoothly.

According to the Space App website “The Challenge exemplifies the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration by utilizing openly available data, supplied through NASA missions and technology, and the talent and skill of passionate volunteers from around the planet to advance space exploration and improve the quality of life on Earth.”

In the past, space hackathoners have used NASA’s data to build apps to combat global warming, improve 3D printing and help keep the International Space Station running. Last year, NASA estimates that over 9000 individuals helped to build 700 entries over the span of two days.

This year at the space hackathon, awards will be given out to a few specialized categories including “Best Use of Data” and a “People’s Choice.” The space agency will also has a data boot camp for people interested in designing for NASA but do not have the technical expertise to start contributing.

If you think you have the skills you can sign up for the challenge here!

A beautiful space lover’s look at Aspen, Colorado thanks to Bryan Long: