China Negotiating With Nepal For Everest Railway

Engineers in China are proposing the idea of a rail tunnel to be constructed under Mount Everest in order to connect Nepal to the capital of Tibet. To design the “Everest railway,” the engineers would need to drill under the world’s largest mountain, which comprises part of the Himalayan mountain range.

China Rail Tunnel Not First Major Engineering Feat

This is not China’s first major engineering feat. In fact, the country is already known for the Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge, the world’s longest bridge.

With the varied differences in the Himalayan mountain terrain, officials state that any train traveling along the route would likely only be able to go a maximum of 75-miles per hour. These mountains, with ranges over 26,000 feet, are still changing in size, and can shrink over the years.

The country has also considered another fantastic engineering project, including a proposed railway to connect China to Alaska in the United States that is estimated to cost at least $200 billion dollars.

Planned Extensions Would Create Vital Trade Route

The Everest railway tunnel would extend the Qinghai-Tibet railway, which allows passengers to travel from China to Lhasa, the Tibetan capital. This new tunnel is estimated to be finished by the year 2020 and would create a vital link connecting China to India, according to experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Another extension is also planned to go clear to Nepal’s international border, said Academy experts, as this was requested earlier by Nepal.

According to the Japan Times, the proposed China rail tunnel would be a benefit for not only trade, but also for adventure travel in the country. Statistics have shown that Chinese visitors to India are increasing and more than 71,000 of them visited in 2014. In fact, according to government officials, China also has plans for funding a project involving hydroelectricity, local airports and even a pilgrimage center in Lumbini, where the profit Buddha, was born.

Everest Railway Expansion Under Fire by Some

The plans for the Everest railway have come under fire by groups such as the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), which has concerns about the ecosystem of Mount Everest and the security in the area. The ICT president expresses doubt in the country’s statement that the project will benefit trade, tourism and travel.

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