GoPro Camera Shows Astronaut Spacewalk Experience

Being able to travel into space and go on an astronaut spacewalk is a grand adventure that most people will never get to experience in person. That’s why NASA decided to do two space videos with a GoPro camera at the International Space Station with astronauts Terry Virts and Barry Wilmore.
The astronaut spacewalk videos were actually filmed on February 25 and March 1, when the two astronauts on board the ISS went on an Extra Vehicular Activities or EVA. Astronaut Terry Virts was equipped with the GoPro camera. The space video experience is meant to help the people here on Earth to experience an astronaut spacewalk from the viewpoint of the astronaut and get a little taste of the space travel adventure for them.

First Time Spacewalk for One NASA Astronaut
A prior astronaut spacewalk several days earlier on February 18 was actually the first career spacewalk for Virt. He became one of the first astronauts to use the GoPro camera outside the space station for his next space walk on February 25 when NASA had him use the GoPro camera to video his space travel adventure for the world to view. The February 18 astronaut spacewalk was considered a very complicated task of routing a cable, and was one of the most dangerous spacewalks of its kind performed thus far at the International Space Station.

GoPro Camera Records Astronaut Spacewalk for Fans
The footage from this historic astronaut spacewalk adventure shot from more than 250 miles above Earth by the GoPro camera shows Virts reconfiguring and fixing part of the ISS robotic arm. The video is about 120 minutes long and also shows many glimpses of the Earth. A second astronaut spacewalk video was done March 1 showing both Virts and Wilmore installing a communications system on the ISS.
Back in November 2014, a waterproof GoPro camera was used to film part of a water bubble experiment when the astronauts on board stuck the camera into the bubble to test water surface tension. That video was done by NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and Alexander Gerst from the European Space Agency. This astronaut spacewalk video is the first time it was done to show a spacewalk experience. The experiment using the GoPro camera back in November was also shot in 3-D as an experiment in 3-D cinematography.
The bottom line is that the GoPro camera is now part of a famous astronaut spacewalk documenting the adventure of space travel for the average person on Earth so they can experience space from the comfort of their living room.