3D Robotic’s New Smart Drone For GoPro

If you have always wanted to own one of the new unmanned drone vehicles to film a movie or just to help you see the world around you as you travel along, then the new 3D Robotics Solo drone, the new smart drone, is just what you need.
The 3D Robotic Solo drone has two included Linux computers, one for the unmanned aerial vehicle, and one for the user’s controller. According to 3D Robotics, this new drone has several technologies included that are the first of their kind.

New Smart Drone Features Make it Simple, Easy to Fly

The drone does not come with a GoPro camera, but the software is designed to allow the user to have unrestrained access to their GoPro camera controls while it is in flight, plus it can stream HD video right to their mobile device as the drone makes its travel through the skies. Users will be able to access the camera to start, stop, record, take pictures, and change the exposure and other features from the ground.

In addition, this new smart drone is designed to be easy for beginners to be able to use right from the start. Pilots won’t have to worry about having to line up a shot because the Solo drone’s software will take care of that for them. Users also get the benefits of automatic takeoff and landing, pausing it in midair as it makes its travel, being able to brake instantly, and getting GPS guided flight. The programming even allows you to have the drone follow you, getting the ultimate in selfies.

Smart Solo Battery Tracks Drone

Plus, users won’t have to worry about losing their Solo drone because the Smart Solo Battery it uses not only tells you when the battery is getting low on power, this new smart drone can also be tracked using the battery.

3D Robotic's New Smart Drone For GoPro - Clapway

First Drone Designed for Public Use

This new 3D Robotics Solo Drone is one of the few drones that are designed for the general public to be able to use easily via the new smart drone features it has. Most of the other drones on the market are hard to use, but the Solo is simple and beginners should be able to manage it. Plus, it is relatively inexpensive, and is expected to cost about $1000 when it comes out in May.

The Solo drone can fly for between 20 and 25 minutes, depending on if you attach a GoPro camera to it. You won’t have to buy a pricey camera extension kit, as this new smart drone allows you to merely attach your own GoPro camera to the available gimbal and it powers it up. The Solo is also compatible with other cameras and mobile devices. This way you can have your GoPro and not have it permanently attached to the drone. There is no set up and the Solo drone is ready to go right from the box. The radio signal has a range of about a half a mile.

Times where an easily accessible GoPro New Smart Drone camera would prove useful: