Scott Kelly Showcases His Bedroom In Space

Science has come a long way over the years. There are rumors that Mars will soon be livable but in the meantime, there’s a comfy cubby hole of a bedroom up in Space. In November 2012, Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko and Gennady Padalka were assigned to be apart of the “One Year Mission”. Hosted by NASA, the mission will conduct research by using Kelly and Kornienko as test subjects for several experiments.

The experiments are important in order for scientists to understand what will happen once humans land on Mars. Because the voyage will take an incredible amount of time, the main research will focus on the effects of long term space travel and inhabitation on  the human mind and body.

Scott Kelly Reveals His Room Via Twitter

Scott Kelly, accompanied by the two Russian men, is the only American who will be spending a year in space. He recently posted a picture onto his Twitter account of his sleeping quarters, which is filled with two laptops, a tablet and his bed.

Scott Kelly Showcases His Bedroom In Space - Clapway

The bedroom is similar in style to the capsule rooms seen in Japanese hotels. Luckily, because NASA’s International Space Station has Internet, Kelly tweeted that he almost has all the comforts of his home and does not seem to mind the small bubble he will be living in for a year. The most amusing part of the bedroom is the fact that everything is velcroed to the walls because…well, gravity.

Twitter, in particular, has become a vital tool for Scott Kelly to invite people to participate in his space journey. Every week, he posts a geographical picture and tempts the world to guess his location. The person who is the first to correctly answer wins a signed copy of the geographical picture, and will receive it once Kelly comes back from space, sometime in March 2016. For anyone eager to participate in the quizzes, follow Scott Kelly via Twitter (@StationCDRKelly).

At the moment, the International Space Station is located 200 miles away from Earth, where it travels 17,500 miles per hour and orbits the Earth sixteen times a day. As such, perhaps Scott’s Twitter fans will have an easier time with the quizzes, as Kelly must eventually take the same pictures.

Although most of us are not able to experience space yet, flight allows us to travel pretty far up into the skies: