Space Radiation a Danger for Brain Damage

A recent study regarding the planning of a possible manned Mars mission in the future has some unpleasant facts attached, as it appears that space radiation may cause brain damage in astronauts who would travel on this type of mission. Due to this possibility, scientists are now looking into possible ways to prevent this type of issue and that would heighten brain functions.

One possibility is to involve the astronauts who travel on a Mars mission in activities such as mental, physical and social exercises. These types of activities have been proven in studies to boost brain functions, so could aid in preventing the space radiation from hurting the astronaut’s brains.

Such types of space radiation are cosmic rays that come from supernova stars that are far out in space and that could be passed by on a mission to Mars. Such types of radiation is known to cause problems like cancer or other bodily harm.

Space Radiation Hurts the Brain: Study Says

The studies from the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory as part of the Human Research Progra were done using mice during a six week set of tests. After the mice were taught several types of memory exercises, and then tested at the end of the six week timeframe, they had lost the ability to remember the two tests.

This does not mean that humans are like these mice and will totally end up as simpletons after being exposed to space radiation as they travel, according to the scientists at NASA. A human’s brain is more complex and if they stay active by doing the suggested mental, physical and social activities during the trip to Mars, they likely could ward off the possibility of losing brain cells from the space radiation. This is because a person’s memory comes from brain synapses activities and if someone is subject to doing extra exercises to strengthen these brain functions, then it could help protect the future Mars astronauts from developing brain damage.

Shielding Could Also Protect Mars Astronauts

In addition, the spacecraft of the future Mars astronauts on travel on their two to three year mission could also contain special types of increased shielding from space radiation as another way to protect them from possible brain damage or other physical issues. Plus, scientist are also working on possible medications that the astronauts could take that protect them from free radicals and help protect neuron cells of the brain.

The bottom line is that before there is a manned mission where the astronauts will travel to Mars, the solution to being able to protect them from space radiation must be found so they will not incur possible brain or other injuries along the way.