Baby Charlotte The I And II

Finally, women everywhere can gawk and live in a time where there’s a real life princess. Baby Charlotte, Princess of Cambridge has been born. On May 2, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Parents Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge are growing the perfect little family. Their first born, Prince George is now a big brother.
Most pregnancies go unnoticed unless it directly affects you in some way. The birth of a princess is so monumental; people are already copying the name of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Even a zoo in Japan named their new baby monkey after her. Somehow, people don’t like the idea of two baby Charlottes.

Zoo Goers Name Monkey After New Princess, Baby Charlotte

Normally, it is an honor to have someone copy your name, people have been doing it for years. The people at Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden in Japan were so impressed by the new princess that they decided to name a baby monkey after her, making the second baby Charlotte born to publicity this week. The monkeys that inhabit the park are Japanese macaques known as snow monkeys. These monkeys roam freely around the park without cages or fences. The Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden welcomed a new member to the family and they named her Charlotte.

Charlotte, the newborn monkey was born a week after the princess. Following Park tradition, the new baby name was chosen by the public and ‘Charlotte’ was the most popular. Of course, no one was voting for Charlotte until it was announced that the princess held the name. Since the announcement of the monkey’s name, the Taksakiyama Natural Zoological Garden is getting a lot of heat after naming their new baby. People are calling and emailing the zoo saying that it’s disrespectful to name a monkey after a princess. People don’t seem to like the idea that there are two baby Charlotte’s, especially since one is a princess.

Zoo Takes Heat for 2nd Baby Charlotte

Most people are against the idea of a monkey named Charlotte to the point that the zoo may change the monkey’s name and is already apologizing for doing so. No one in Japan or within the zoo meant any disrespect when naming the monkey. The royals of Britain are actually immensely popular in Japan and it would be anyone’s guess that the monkey was named Charlotte out of respect and honor.