U.S.: Google Maps Fixing Errors, N-Word Issue

Due to some major hacking issues Google Maps is fixing errors that involve not only its algorithm that sends someone on travel to the right location, but also a problem involving the N-word showing up in searches. Users who put the N-word into the Google Maps search box would be lead to places like the White House, while other users found things like the Android icon symbol peeing on the Google icon symbol, as well as multiple other issues. Because of all of these issues Google Maps is fixing errors caused by these recent hacks into their popular and well-used mapping system.

US: Google Maps is Fixing Errors, N-Word Issue
US: Google Maps is Fixing Errors, N-Word Issuech

Google Maps is Fixing Errors Caused by Hackers

Google Maps is fixing errors caused by unscrupulous hackers and the company is also apologizing to its customers for any inappropriate results that they have showing up in their map searches. Users who want to use Google Maps to travel to their destinations are being inconvenienced and perhaps even embarrassed by these situations and Google, Inc. wants to make sure the situation is resolved and the hackers found and prosecuted.

The editor of Search Engine Land told reporters that it’s possible that the hackers were able to get into the Google Maps travel mapping system because of the way Google links specific phrases and words to their map locations. He said that it is possible this occurred when people talk about this sort of thing in blogs and other online locations and that it is a form of crowd searching words that somehow went bad.

US- Google Maps is Fixing Errors, N-Word Issue -

Other Issues Showing up in Google Maps

Besides the N-word leading users to the White House and other places, the Google Maps algorithm was also affecting some people’s lives in other ways. For instance, users were putting their own names into Google searches and showing wrong results for places like where they went to school or other facts. This may not be the result of hackers, say some experts, but could be because if Google can’t find a match for someone in places like the local Chamber of Commerce, it will try logically to fill in the blanks with likely data.

Google maps is scrambling to find all of these problems and due to them, Google Maps is fixing errors in its algorithm as quickly as possible, and asks users to please have patience while the errors are being addressed.