U.S.: NYC Fleet Week Is Here

For those of you in New York City this week: don’t worry, you’re not being invaded—it’s just that Fleet Week is here. We’ve all been there. The first time you see a group of sailors in their all white uniform and sailor hats, you think it’s a bachelor party. The second time you ask yourself if it’s Halloween yet. Then the third time you see a group of guys in sailor uniforms running around chasing women you realize that something is up, so you ask somebody and they tell you: it’s that time of year: Fleet Week—which has been coming to NYC since 1984. It is a time for New York City to honor the military, and to view for themselves the most recent technologies of the Navy.

Fleet Week 2015 began on Wednesday as the ships entered New York Harbor and docked at the Intrepid Space and Air Museum and will continue throughout the weekend. It is estimated that 1,800 Marines, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen are in the city for Fleet Week.
U.S.: NYC Fleet Week Is Here - Clapway

What Are Some Fleet Week Events That You Can Go To?

For those of you who plan to travel to New York this week, there are many exciting events you can go to. On May 21st, The U.S. Marine Corps sponsors Marine Day in Bryant Park, which is on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. The event is open to the public all day for no charge. Amongst other activities, you can do a Marine Boot-Camp workout, participate in a pull-up contest, or just sit back and listen to the sounds of the USMC band.

Also, you can travel to several U.S Navy ships in Manhattan and Staten Island from now until Saturday. There are many ships such as the USS San Antonio, and USCG cutter Spencer, which are both stationed at Manhattan’s Pier 92, and the USS Barry, USS Stout, and USCG cutter Sturgeon Bay in Staten Island. Photography is allowed on the ships, but come prepared with food because there is no food service. It is also recommended that you wear comfortable shoes while on-board.

Remember that Fleet Week, where sailors run New York City, is only one week out of the year, so take advantage of this exciting time.