Facebook Brings In Games For Its Messenger

Facebook releases its first ever Messenger game, Doodle Draw.

If you love games, then the Facebook messenger is the most “happening” location for you. Facebook just came up with its first game, Doodle Draw, and it is already creating a buzz among people. In the recent F8 conference where developers came from around the globe, major announcements were made, the most striking being games for the messenger. Facebook announced that the third party developers can now integrate varied features within the messenger application. The most key feature was that the messenger will be able to host games.


The Doodle Draw game is engaging and easy to play.

On that note, Facebook launched its first game. It is called Doodle Draw, and you can download it at App Store on Android, IOS, and Google Play Store. Being 4MB, the interactive game will let the users play with their Messenger contacts. All you are required to do is just scribble doodles within the game and share them with your friends in the Messenger contact list. On the other end, the receivers will have to guess the doodle and answer. The more one wins, the more colors can be accessed. The user has a chance to earn in-game currency simply by referring the Doodle game to others.

With the coming of this game, Facebook has gone a step ahead in the gaming arena. As per technology experts, it is expected that Facebook shall make it big with this launch.


Facebook crossed its 1 billion mark for its Messenger downloads.

Just a few days ago, Facebook was in the news for its messenger app crossing the 1 billion downloads mark (Google Play) and with the launch of this app, there is more to come. Facebook is consistently working hard to bring more improvements in the app. When the messenger app was launched, it also got lot of criticism. But, the standalone app has turned out to be a game changer and today, many people prefer having communication via messenger. Learn more here.

The messenger application is set to take its users on a new ride with its games. Are you ready to play?




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