Medical Marijuana Food Fair “Get Baked Sale” Happening Today in SF

City of San Francisco to host medical marijuana food fair.

Although marijuana is only legal for medical reasons in the state of California, the city of San Francisco is hosting what is perhaps the first weed bake sale in history. The “Get Baked Sale” is happening on Saturday at a food truck hub, and will serve only those with proof of a doctor’s recommendation. The event is part of efforts to integrate marijuana into society and make it (even) more mainstream in California in preparation for tentative legalization next year. There will be a statewide ballot in November 2016, so many believe it can and will happen.


Bake sale kicks off with weed pancakes for breakfast

Anyone with proper identification and paperwork will receive leg bracelets and hand stamps allowing them to both try and buy THC-infused foods items, including the Auntie Dolores snacks pictured. Breakfast will be served in the form of pancakes cooked with cannabis. There will be multiple cooking demonstrations and advice on such topics as how to pair marijuana foods with regular ones. Two doctors will be standing by to give advice to attendees. At any point, one is welcome to buy snacks or pot in regular form. Smoking it is permitted at a special bar that also provides it. Anyone there will also have access to regular food, perhaps for when the “munchies” kick in really hard. A DJ and carnival game operators will also be there to provide entertainment for ticket holders and their families, while also providing a sort of encouragement for customers to pace themselves.


Authorities are lax about the event.

The San Francisco Police Department says it does not plan to place officers at the food fair to check that only people with prescriptions and ankle bracelets get marijuana or edibles. A spokeswoman from the department, Officer Grace Gatpandan, stated “It’s not super on our radar. We just want people to have a good time and if there are families that go there, to keep it cool.” One reason for their relaxed attitude regarding the event is that there are three other festivals going on in San Francisco at the same time and they cannot spare the manpower to oversee what will most likely be a peaceful, harmless event.




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