Nokia to Make Phones Again Soon

Nokia is back with a bang with its handsets in the global arena

If you thought Nokia‘s only place was in the history books, you were wrong. The company plans to hit the market soon with much vigor and innovation. Nokia, which used to be world’s largest smartphone maker, is planning to design and license its handsets in the market again. It is looking forward to the consent of its partner Microsoft and to getting started afresh in 2016. In recent times, Nokia has been fighting a major battle to keep its business going. The smartphone giant was taken over by Microsoft in 2014.

As per senior experts at Nokia, the company is looking for trusted partners and claims that they will be the ones to design the smartphones and make the Microsoft brand available for license.

Even after market failure, Nokia launched N 1 Android tablet to make its presence felt in the

It was 2014, Microsoft bought the phone business, as the company was failing to keep up its sales after Apple and Android brought about a major storm in the market. For a certain period, Nokia later partnered with a Taiwanese contract manufacturer, Foxconn, to come up with a new brand-licensed tablet. This was an initiative for Nokia to keep up with the tablet and smartphone revolution taking place on a global level.

Nokia is looking to come up with innovations beyond mobile phones

Nokia is searching for partners who can leverage their business and improve it. As per experts, it was expected that Microsoft would write off the entire handset unit it had bought. The financial loss left the company in a ‘money loss’ process, and it could have only 3 percent of the entire smartphone market. As a result, the then-leading Nokia chief executive wanted to to leave the company, because Microsoft was planning to go back to core software services.

Nokia is planning new ventures as it recently announced that it shall take over Alcatel-Lucent (worth $17.8 billion) in order to boost its network equipment. In addition, Nokia is planning to hive off its mapping business, which is already drawing attention from giants like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and varied Silicon Valley and Chinese web and technology services. Let’s wait and watch the re-evolution of Nokia.



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