Project Lightning: A Curated News Service Made to Save Twitter

Twitter is mainly used as source of information

Twitter is arguably the most valuable social networking site, though previously it was intended for use by people who wanted to connect with one another. With time it has become clear that only very few people use Twitter for the purpose of interacting with other individuals. They prefer to use it as a source of information rather than a communicating platform. What users usually do is create an account, follow the people who belong to their niche, and then use hashtags and topics to find out things happening in the world.

Project Lightning, a proposal by Twitter

In order to place itself in the world of curated media, Twitter has taken an initiative known as Project Lightning. This tool will show the best of Twitter, immediately loading videos and images. There will also be an upcoming version of Twitter App.

What are the upcoming changes in new Twitter App?

Project lightning will bring some changes in the new Twitter App. You will see a new button in the center of the home row. Upon clicking this button, you will be directed to a screen where you will see various events happening and what people are tweeting about them. Instead of presenting these media elements in a standard Twitter timeline, Twitter has decided to present each element on one page.

How do you facilitate curated tweets in your timeline?

Follow an event by pressing the “follow” button to enable curated tweets in your timeline. However, to view the new curated news services, users don’t have to be logged in; they can view it even when logged out.
According to this proposal made by Twitter, the future of the company lies in news curation somewhat more so than social media. Project Lightning provides an easier way to engage people with Twitter even if they don’t have much experience with the product. Twitter is expecting to be bringing more and more users towards their site by making this change. To make Project Lightning a big success, Twitter has to work very carefully. Project Lightning is still in under construction, and users have to wait a bit to see it.
What do you think about Project Lightning and curated news? Will it bring success to Twitter? Kindly share your views in the comment section below.



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