Facebook Moments App Blocked In Europe Due to Privacy Concerns

What is Facebook Moments?

The Moments app is a new application launched by Facebook earlier this week. This is another photograph-sharing application that uses a facial recognition innovation to reveal ignored snaps of companions from your camera roll. It is a standalone application designed to make photo sharing easy. Facebook Moments App uses facial recognition in order to gather all photographs by their friends on one gadget, so they can be effectively shared to preferred friends without really posting them on Facebook.

Why have European regulators blocked the Facebook Moments app?

Moment App offers some great features, like facial recognition. Still, European regulators are not impressed with it. However, Facebook said that they will not launch Moment App on the continent. This app will not be accessible in Europe until any mutual agreement is made between Facebook and Europe. Since Facebook had not even thought of this option, the time being app will not be added.

Facebook is not alone; Google is also dealing with this issue.

Facial recognition is the only cause of these issues. Other than Facebook, Google is also facing problems with this matter. The new photo app by Google also uses facial recognition, and this app, like the Facebook Moments App, also groups photos. That is the reason why this app is only available in the United States, as the U.S. doesn’t have any issues with this feature like Europe. Facial recognition is also termed as faceprint technology.

What do European regulators want?

According to them, individuals should be capable enough to stroll down on an open road without apprehension that organizations they’ve never known about are following their every movement– and distinguishing them by name– utilizing faceprint innovation. That is the only reason that they were unable to secure the agreement.
In this social networking world, privacy is the main concern, and a touchy subject, too. Due to Europe’s strict privacy policies, complaints have been filed against various social networking sites including Facebook and Google. In future, it is almost certain that tech companies will face problems due to privacy concerns.
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