Gecko Switches Are Not Your Average Light Switch

Light switches can be a burden, but Gecko by XMT portable light switch hopes to cure you of your woes. Ever been lying down and then had to disrupt your peace to trudge across the room or house in order to flip off a light switch? Or had the inevitable basement light switch at the bottom of the stairs. The one where there is only one switch, and in order to turn it off you first have to traverse the stairs in total darkness. Finally someone has created a light switch to unburden consumers, without having to rewire their entire house.


Installation System for Gecko Switches

Often products offer the final solution to common problems buyers face, but then come up short of their promise where it really counts. The Gecko Switch’s simplicity, and functionality is what allows it to be such a useful tool.

Users place the Gecko Switch receiver over their old light switch, and then place Gecko Switches literally anywhere: You can place Gecko Switches in a cabinet, on the floor, on the back of your bedroom door, or as close as it could possibly be to your bed so you never have to get up to turn the lights on or off again, and voila, convenience reimagined one Switch at a time.

Gecko Switch- not your average light switch  copy

More than your average light switch

Gecko Switch possess more than just the basic light switch capabilities. According to the Gecko website the switches functions include, “Gecko Switch is also a dimmer and much more. You can set it like an alarm to schedule when it turns on and off. The bedroom light can be set to gradually brighten when waking you up. Or set it with a time delay when you turn it off. Truly you’ve never had this much control in a light switch.”

Of course of all the features of the Gecko Switch are manageable through an application on your mobile device. The Gecko Switch is still in the beginning phases of its Kickstarter campaign, and have raised 22,000 of their 150,000 goal with 33 days left to back the project. Gecko Switch is working towards redefining ease within everyday life, and they are doing it one Switch at a time!


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