Samsung Will Reverse Update to Stop Disabling of Windows Updates

As we reported earlier this week, Samsung was accused of disabling Windows updates on its users’ devices. Samsung will now be sending out a patch that will allow Windows to install its updates on PCs.
This was after many users were disappointed with Samsung’s decision to do this without the users consent. One of Microsoft’s employees discovered that part of the Samsung software running on the user’s computer was called ‘Disable_Windowsupdate.exe’.
Samsung insisted that they were not blocking any Windows updates and that they were allowing their customers to choose whether or not they wanted Windows automatically updating on their computers. In this same statement, Samsung said that they were committed to customer satisfaction and this was a part of allowing customers the choice. Barker, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), insisted that he never implied Samsung blocked the Windows 8.1 system update.

SAMSUNG NEVER truly BLOCKED windows updates, JUST MADE IT HARDER to install them

This Samsung software tool did not prevent updates from being installed, but it disabled the ability for the updates to run automatically in the background. If you wanted these Windows updates, you would have to go to the Microsoft website and install them manually.


After customer feedback and scolding from Microsoft, Samsung decided to retrieve the update that they had pushed earlier this week. In a statement they said that they are commited to security and that they value the partnership that they have with Microsoft.

Samsung will be issuing a patch via the Samsung Software Update notfication process to revert to the recommended automatic Windows update settings within the next few days. The Windows updates that are pushed by Microsoft are essential to the overall health and security of your computer system. These updates include protection from numerous threats that attack Window PCs.


Samsung never gave any other reasoning behind disabling the automatic updates from Windows other than to give their customers a choice. However, many customers looked on their computers and found this .exe file. They reported that they never opted in to Samsung disabling the automatic updates.


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